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Let me tell you a tale, a rather epic tale, if you will. How these travelers will met, defeat evils, and of course drink their way through the towns. They defeated foes and took many of barmaids. Citizens cheer for this gang of adventurers and bards across the lands sing their tales. Now sit down settler, grab a tankard and enjoy the tale!

Khazarah land of the eight kingdoms.

Khazman – Dwarven Mountain city:


Population: 15,000
Government: Radgir Baermor as chosen Khazman Lord Mayor
– seven council members including right hand dwarf Fogaer Magdan

This city is known for its brew Firebrand and its Limestone as well as other ores. The dwarves are known for their mining and this is one of the biggest mining cities. This is the main city that supplies the other cities with building material. Before the great war of Mortas the dwarves ruled the lands and this is where the old “true” king lived.

Theria (To flourish) – Elven rock/forest city:


Population: 10,000
Government: Ferdir Thorowyn as chosen Theria Lord Mayor
– Four council members including right hand Faineth Elior

This city is known for the highest and oldest elves. This city normally keeps to itself and only has a few designated traders that travel to and from. Untrustworthy of humans and dwarves, there are only a few humans or half elves (mostly as “servants”) and they are considered lower.

Sverrand – Human city:


Population: 18,000
Government: Dustran Baerley as chosen Svarrand Lord Mayor
– Eight council members including right hand Bron Harroway

This city is known its fishing and port. Sailors and poor tend to find home here. This city is a mixture of races from all over the world. Mostly human but also some elves from Theria (the ones that don’t believe the great war). This city has probably the worst rate of crime since it is the biggest port of Khazarah. Drugs and many illegal goods are smuggled in through here.

Silverheart Swamp -


Population: 5,000
Government: Ovvas Kuvaga as chosen Warden of the swamps
-Three council members including right hand Fawa Brinrana

This city is less of a city and more of sprouts of villages through out. Everything is spaced out and a distance away from each other. Druids, Razorclaw shifters, goblins, and orcs call these swamps home. They all stay away from each other and keep to themselves. Each group rarely leaves or adventures in minimum. Most believe the swamps are evil and only crazed mages and monsters live there. The warden and the wardens guards work as a police force through the lands.

Holy’s Peak (the Hub) – Central City


Population: 25,000
Government: Airros Baldwulf as King
-Nine council members including king’s hand Brunn Lindond

This is the main city. This is where the king lives an most of the high families. The rich live at the very top and the poor live in the slums of the bottom. This city is very corrupted by rich and very heavily guarded. In this city you can get what you want for the right price. All sorts of races and kinds from all over the world live here. Most dwarves believe that the true king belongs to them but they would rather have the humans rule than elves.

Harad Forest – Wood Elf/Druid/Gnomes/Halfings


Population: 15,000
Government: Siia Seeddale as chosen Warden of the forests

  • Five council members each from the clans
    – Imshi Rootflower (Druids)
    – Bolion Softmire (Wood Elves)
    – Ella Beren (Gnomes)
    – Ander Thorngage (Halfing farmers)
    – K’an Ghazun (Hunter’s Guild)

This forest is known for its farming, hunting, and nature goods. As it is a pretty big forest the kingdom decided to have a small council from each clan/tribe. The hunters guild and the halflings provide most of the food for the kingdom and the wood elves and druids provide natural medicines. The druids and gnomes stick to themselves as they don’t believe in the hunters and choosing to be passive.


Salul – Dwarven mining/rock City


Population: 6,000
Government: Adryna Nhegarn as chosen Salul Lord Mayor
-Six council members including right hand Tenok Kaarad

This is another small dwarven city. Mostly this city stays to themselves because they are more hostile to other races. Here they are very bitter and very traditional about the old ways before the great war. They only trade the bare minimum.


Nakoros (Free City) – Desert/Plains city on the other continent


Population: 16,000
Government: Daaror Aenaris as chosen Nakoros Lord Mayor
-Right hand Feraerah Irnah and left hand Malario Orlin

This city is mostly untouched from the kings laws as it is so far away. Daaror acts as king on this continent but will still answer to the king, rarely. Drugs, illegal goods and sex slaves are made here. Crime comes from here to Sverrand thanks to a group of orc pirates (Oguomash: captian – Okosk). This city is a mix of drow, orcs, dragonborn and some teiflings. This city wants nothing to do with the other continent but unfortunately falls in the law.

The Lucky Blade

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