The Saturnine

Prince of the Shur-Ohsatja Tribe



Fighting Style: Two-Weapon
Martial Archetype: Eldritch Knight

Features and Traits

Background: Outlander
Second Wind
Action Surge
Weapon Bond

Ability Scores

STR- 17 +3
DEX- 13 +1
CON- 14 +2
INT- 15 +2
WIS- 14 +2
CHA- 10 +0

Saving Throws


Proficient Skills

Proficiency Bonus: 2

Acrobatics [DEX]
Animal Handling [WIS]
Athletics [STR]
Perception [WIS]
Stealth [DEX]
Survival [WIS]

Armor Class, Hitpoints, Initiative, Speed, & Hit Dice

AC: 18
(from chainmail and STR modifier)

Hit Points: 42

Initiative: +1

Speed: 30

Hit Dice: d10

Equipment Proficiencies:

All armor, shields
Simple, martial weapons
Musical Instrument- Panflute

Weapons and Armor

Handaxe x2 2d6 slashing damage
Machete x2 2d6 slashing damage

Eldritch Knight Spells & Spellcasting Stats

Spellcasting Ability: INT
Spell Save DC: 12
Spell Attack Bonus: +4

Poison Spray
Chill Touch

Level 1 Spells:
Ray of Sickness
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
False Life




Sir-Ruuk .past.

Once a prince of the Shur-Ohsatja (swamp-oak people), the name has been scratched away so vigorously that the paper is torn, came of age in a time of war. Conflict between Shifter Tribes, orcs, and goblins had gone on so long and become so costly that destroyed and abandoned villages outnumbered living ones. Tribal shaman warned that ShurAh’hana (Mother Swamp) was passing from the Cirr-Masaa (Age of Life) to the Cirr-Lunut (Age of Death).

On the night of his Hallan (coming of age), the Prince vowed that he would be bringer of peace to ShurAh’hana and usher in the next Cirr-mel-Anut (Age of Great Kings)

He trained for years in the nuUr (two blades) style of his tribe and on full moons he sought the counsel of the elusive ShurLikk’a (swamp sisters) to learn their magic, shuuri (swamp child). His devotion and diligence was a source of inspiration to his tribe. With his guidance, they would become one of the dominant tribes in the heart of ShurAh’hana. But the Prince was an arrogant creature. Strong, beautiful, and shrewd, he watched his own progression to mastery of the nuUr and the shuuri with growing hubris. He fought many battles and expanded the borders of the Shur-Ohsatja two-fold. He drove goblins eastward toward the home of his tribe’s oldest enemy, The Shur-Belii (Swamp-Beast People). When the fleeing goblins destroyed the coastal village of Ke, the King of Shur-Belli called for a renewed effort to eliminate Shur-Ohsatja.

Ke’sut’Mul (War in vengeance of Ke) was bloody and horrifying. The Shur-Belli were greater in number and had weapons traded from the Orc Pirates that turned black powder to fire. Shur-Ohsatja suffered staggering losses and began losing the ground they gained in the early years of the Prince’s conquest. Shur-Ohsatja shamans called on the Prince to retreat, but he persisted and the losses continued to grow. His fellow warriors followed him out of love and pride, but even they could see they were marching toward their own doom.

On the eve of defeat, army dwindling and hope lost, the Prince stole away into the night. He wandered toward the ocean and stood on a cliff overlooking the raging sea. A blood moon hung heavily in the sky. On the breeze, he could smell the blood of the dead and in rage and fear, he called the names he knew were forbidden. He called for the aide of the noHee (six).

The noHee heard his cries and descended upon the Prince. In exchange for help in gaining victory over his enemies, the Prince would be required to return a favor for each power he used in the process. The noHee gave him six tokens in a silken bag- his to use at his discretion, but only once. The tokens contained the power of each of the noHee and the Prince wasted little time using them.

To become stealthier than his enemy, he cut himself with the bone shard of Li (one) and became invisible. To best the enemy’s warriors, he gave the statuette of Is (two) his seed and knew only bloodthirsty madness. To outnumber his foe, he swallowed the dragonshard fang of Mir (three) and each drop of his sweat became a writhing monstrosity, hungry for death.

The Prince marched with his new army to the nearest camps of the Shur-Belli and slaughtered them. Moving steadily east over the course of the night, he filled the swamp with blood. Just before dawn he stood at the gates of Shur-Belli’s home village. The King hid in the heart of his home, and the Prince, unable to control his bloodlust, split his tongue in twain with the bloody knife of Tur (four) and sang a song so irresistible, the King was forced from hiding and came to kneel at his enemy’s feet.

The Saturnine

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